Instituto Palmas’s Mobile Payment Partnership with Redecard, MasterCard, Vivo, and Caixa Econômica

Now to make the connection between my beloved Instituto Palmas and mobile payments!
In December of last year (2011), Instituto Palmas commenced an important partnership along with Redecard, MasterCard, Vivo, & Caixa Econômica to allow for the purchase and sale via mobile phone of any product by registered vendors in the neighborhood (in Conjunto Palmeiras, Fortaleza, Brazil – see my previous post for more info about Instituto Palmas).
Taking a quote from the Institute about the partnership:
It is a local consumption strategy on the way to become a huge technological innovation for community development. The customer does not pay anything to the cell phone operator to make the payment. Banco Palmas coordinates and runs the entire process.
The program is still in its beginning months, so I’m excited to see how this introduction to mobile payments catches on in Conjunto Palmeiras going forward!