VoIP Drupal Webinar: Building accessible communication systems

Amazing project by Drupal developers at MIT! They are creating an open source (i.e., publicly collaborative – even more awesome) communication system to reach out to individuals wherever they are, with or without “regular access to computers, fancy phones, or the Internet.”

VoIP Drupal [is] a new open source framework that makes it easy to build websites that almost literally pick-up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more. By integrating web, SMS/Text, email, and telephone technologies together, VoIP Drupal takes ‘community plumbing’ into a new dimension, facilitating the implementation of community outreach initiatives, phone-based polls, audio blogs and other systems in ways that would be extremely difficult otherwise.

Below are screenshot from the webinar. They provide:

  • An introduction to VoIP Drupal, its functionality and basic components
  • Use cases and the latest features of VoIP Drupal in action
  • The “VoIP Drupal roadmap” and how to join the initiative
You can also watch the recording here.
View more PowerPoint from Leo Burd